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Peter South, former CEO of Pen Island used to be the internet's number 1 seller of pens. From cheap pens to exotic rare collectibles, small pen, big pen is all good. However, South got bored selling pens, so he quit Pen Island and decided to try network marketing. While walking on the road, he met Michael Job, a direct seller. They became best friends. Southand Job would then start several companies together.

You're in good hands with South and Job.

Michael Job is a wind surfer and will go wherever the winds blow. Job also loves basketball. Nothing feels better for him than shooting balls through the rim. Job is not only passionate about sports and travelling but he is passionate about charity and working. Through online marketing, Job is able to travel around the world to follow his passion and calling. Whether sports, charity or work, Job is always eager to lend a helping hand. Job is there for you to succeed.

Jag Meyoff is the inventor of the Interesting Matrix payplan. Jag claims that Interesting Matrix has the world's best compensation plan. Jag has run several network marketing and High Yield Investment Plans where every single member or investor of the company or plan has made a profit!

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