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Consistent Profit shares revenues from sales of multiple services, including banner advertising and advertising packages.

By purchasing a matrix or cycler ad pack, you qualify to receive matrix or cycling bonuses. Your matrix or cycler ad pack is a purchase of advertising service, which in of itself is of extremely high value.

Your earnings come from your own efforts of selling ad packs to others using your affiliate link, and sharing in cycling revenues. Cycling revenues are based on sales. If there is no sales, then there is no cycling. If no one is selling, then no one is cycling, and no one is earning.

What your individual earnings are may vary based upon your skill, drive, motivation, or persistence. If you can sell, then you will always earn. Rate of cycling can vary from day-to-day as cycling speed is determined by sales per day in relation to how many are waiting to be cycled as well as how much advertising services have been sold.

Official Income Disclaimer

Consistent Profit does not guarantee the income of any person or entity participating in its program.

Consistent Profit uses a combination of matrix and cycler payplans. This form of compensation has a 95% failure rating in the network marketing industry. Consistent Profit has taken measures to prevent it from being another statistic, like hiring the world's best compensation plan designer and having external income.  Although you understand, that by participating, you may have a 5% chance that you will earn anything.

Incomes earned will be in direct proportion to the time and effort put forth and the number of ad packs purchased or sold and referrals sponsored by each participant.

Members may share their personal income information as a form of “payment proof” but are not permitted to share personal income that they may be privy to of any other Consistent Profit member. Consistent Profit does not guarantee the accuracy of information supplied by way of a “payment proofs” of any of its participants.