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Free Members: 74 | Pro Members: 219 | Total Deposits: $2,800.13 | Total Payouts: $1,272.43

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What forms of payment do you accept?  
We accept Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

2. What is the $5 membership fee for?

It costs several hundred dollars a month to run Consistent Profit.  This fee helps maintain Consistent Profit and provide sustainability.  There will be slow days or months, but everyday we are committed to providing movement so the program will never stall.

The $5 membership fee will be deducted on your first withdrawal.

3. What is a good strategy to use?
A good passive strategy is not to spend anything you can afford to lose.  If you have extra funds, purchase the Copper Cycler, it is only 50 cents and the company puts at least 5 positions there every single day to keep it going.

If you can build a team, join the 2X2 matrixes and have your team follow you there.  With the double re-entry pay plan, you can keep doubling your profits as your team grows.
4. How will I get paid?
Member will be paid through the same payment processor that they will use for purchasing membership. If you paid by Payza you get paid with Payza.  If you paid with Bitcoin, then you get paid with Bitcoin.
5. How much can I earn?
2X2 Matrix:
Here's an example of a Gold 2X2 Matrix purchase of $40.  When you cycle you ean $120 every time you complete your matrix. Out of the $120 you earn, $40 will go to your balance and $80 is used to purchase 2 re-entries automatically. When your double re-entries cycle, you'll make $80, and get 4 new re-entries.  When that cycles, you'll make $160 and 8 new re-entries, and so on. 
You will earn 25% matching bonuses every time your direct referrals completes their 2X2 matrix.  So even if your referrals cycle in higher plans that you are not in, you will still earn from them.  Once you have enough to participate in the higher plans your referrals will start to follow you and go under you once they cycle.
You have 7 different choices from .50 cents all the way to $600.  Unlike most cyclers, Consistent Profit puts you in profit on the very first phase!  More than 50% of all positions in the cycler are in profit!  There is no other cycler out there that helps you break even and profit quicker.
6. What is the minimum balance I must get before I can request a payment?
The minimum balance is $20.  Anything less just slows down the system.  It now costs an average of $10 to $15 to send Bitcoin payments, we recommend getting a CoinPayments account and spending $2 for a PayByName.  That way you'll only be charged $3 in feees.

7. Are there any withdrawal fees?
As of the moment there are zero fees for Payza and Solid Trust Pay.  For Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, $1 to $15 is the fee.  If you paid by Bitcoin, you can request another Crypto with lower sending fees.  For example, if you paid by Bitcoin and then request a $30 withdrawal, you would only get about $17 after fees has been taken out.  But if you have a CoinPayments account, you would get $27.

8. How long do withdrawals take?
A: Withdrawals take 2 to 14 business days.  Payza withdrawals average 3 to 7 business days.  We don't like it, but they hold our funds for 3 business days.
9. How long before I can start earning money?
You can start earning as soon as you sign up and members are placed below you when you refer, or when spillover happens. You will receive your referral URL and promotional banners you will need to refer customers and affiliates alike to us immediately.
10. Can I earn without referrals?
You can earn without referrals in the Cycler Plan as it is fills in order from left to right.  Positions that cycle Level 5 are given at least 1 entry to the 2X2 Matrix.
For the 2X2 Matrix you will need referrals.  It is possible to receive spillover.  If your direct up line refers 3 or more members they may spill unto your downline. If your downline is complete with 6 members then you will cycle and earn. 

So yes, it is possible to cycle with spillover, even without any referrals but it is unlikely.  You can not earn without referrals if you sit on your ass and do nothing, but those that refer will be rewarded generously with the matching bonuses and faster cycling speeds.

11. What if I still have a question?
Just contact us with your question and your answer will be placed here.