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Earnings Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service Spam Policy

We Hate Spam. This is what we consider as spam. Read this at least twice and then follow it.

Rule #1: If you are a member of any program (HYIP, rev share, profit share, PTC, autosurf, matrix, mlm, or similar) YOU WILL NOT EMAIL your downline about Consistent Profit or any other program unless they specifically emailed you personally and asked for it. Just because other companies allow you to do this, or you have been doing this already, does not mean you can continue to do this shady unethical practice.

Rule #2: You will not send information about Consistent Profit to your own list of downline members current or past, or your own members if you are the company owner. They did not ask for it, so do not send it. IT IS SPAM!!!!

(exception: If you are a website owner, and you indicate that you are the admin and email your members from the software of your company, then it is fine. Example: You are a Paid to Click website owner, a Rev Share owner, or a Cycler owner, and you email the members from your software back office, it is fine. Your members know and expect to receive offers. But if you extract your database and place in say an Aweber account without their permission, then you are a no-good spammer and you will be banned.)

Rule #3: You will not use anyone else's list to send them information about Consistent Profit or any other program. You do not know if they are double opt in. Again it is spam if you use other people's lists.

Rule #4: IF YOU COMPILED NAMES OF YOUR DOWNLINE MEMBERS OF ALL THE MONEY MAKING PROGRAMS YOU ARE IN AND PLACED THEM ON YOUR OWN MAILING LIST, and you send them information about Consistent Profit or any other opportunity, AGAIN IT IS SPAM. They did not ask to be placed on your mailing list and they did not opt in.

The above 4 rules all have one thing in common. You did not use a double opt in method and used shady or unethical techniques to build your list. VIOLATE ANY OF THE RULES AND YOU'RE TERMINATED. NO REFUNDS. All your earnings will be used to enhance the program and protect it from spammers like you. There is absolutely no disclaimer you can ever use in your emails (example: You say you have an upline or downline connection) that will save you. You are spamming if you mail to a list with people on the list who do not request your emails.

Rule #5: You may and we encourage that you use double opt in lists especially if these are first alert type of lists and you are the owner of the list.

Rule #6: If you will promote in Skype Rooms, Facebook groups, or forums, please follow their respective rules regarding promotion. Posting links in inappropriate places is spam. If you promote Consistent Profit or any other program in a support group of another company where they don't allow advertising, then you are spamming. Posting links repeatedly is also spam.

Rule #7: To put it simply, if a person did not ask for a website, link, or opportunity, and you send it to them, then it is SPAM.

Here are examples of spamming:

You joined a rev share and promoted it. Some people joined you and became your referrals. You email your referrals about other opportunies. This is spam.

You are owner of a rev share, PTC, HYIP, cycler, or any other money making opportunity. It is perfectly fine to email or blast your members about any opportunity if you are using your company email address (example But if your company dies, and you use a different email address and your members do not know who you are, then you have spammed them.

You use a database of a dead cycler or money making program and blast or email them any opportunity without telling them that you were the admin of the dead program. You are a god damn spammer.

You are a member of a support group of a program in Facebook. You posted links of other opportunities in that group. That group has a no advertising or spamming policy that you violated. You spammed.

IF you spam you will be banned. No second chances, no refunds, no earnings.

Here is the proper way how to promote to a downline without spamming.

Step 1. You joined a program and got referrals for it.
Step 2. You email your referrals, you introduce yourself and thank them for joining you in the program. This act alone is what will prevent your future emails from becoming spam. Want to go the extra mile and protect yourself? Let your referrals know you will occassionally send them opportunities and if they don't want, they can agree to sever communication with you.
Step 3. You should be able to identify where the people on your list come from (example: Program X, or from a lead capture page).

A good example of proper email marketing is when I joined a program this dude was promoting. His name was Ken Russo. After I joined, he thanked me for joining him. He even sent me tips on how to be successful in said program. That's how it's done. Now this fellow can continue to email me his offers because he knows where I came from and he introduced himself. He did not hide under a false name or use any other person's lists. PROFESSIONAL MARKETING.

Are you already emailing a list of your previous downline members but never really properly introduced yourself to your list? (Remember, that even having a disclaimer that says you have an upline or downline connection does not work here). Here is how you can promote to your list without fear of SPAMMING.

1. Send your list an introduction of yourself. Tell them which programs you promoted and that you never had a chance to thank them for joining with you.
2. In your email you will now include a double opt in link for them to click. Instruct your list they need to click on it in order to receive any more email from you.
3. You may now send opportunities to your double opt in list who agreed to receive email from you.
4. Anyone that does not click the link, you never email again. EVER! If you do, you are spamming and you are out.

Fuck spammers!